Umbilicoplasty / Belly Button Surgery

Common reasons patients undergo umbilicoplasty include:

  • Hernia Formation (“outie”)
  • Unwanted Piercing Holes
  • Stomach Creases / Loose Skin

Belly button aesthetics are gaining popularity as patients recognize their options for rejuvenation in this area. There are many reasons patients seek correction, including hernia formation (“outie”), unwanted piercing holes and creases that form when seated, among others. I use a customizable technique that restores a natural aesthetic to the central abdomen.

The Umbilicoplasty Procedure


Restore a natural and proportioned appeal to the central abdomen. An aesthetically pleasing belly button is not disruptive, but rather complementary, to the overall abdominal appearance.

What to Expect

All procedures are done in a balanced and natural esthetic.


During the consultation we will focus on creating a treatment plan that addresses your goals and fulfills your expectations. We will discuss your ideal belly button and the result that can be realistically achieved.

Examination will evaluate for an umbilical hernia, which has implications for the rejuvenation procedure. An aesthetically belly button is central to restoring confidence in revealing clothing and bathing suits. My goal is for you to leave the consultation excited for the natural-appearing belly-button you have always wanted.


Belly button rejuvenation is performed at an accredited surgery center in Newport Beach, California, USA. Many of these procedures can be performed under local anesthesia depending on your comfort level and wishes. Under the care of a Board Certified Anesthesiologist, sedation and local anesthesia are used to ensure maximal comfort and safety.

The procedure typically lasts 1 hour depending on complexity of the reconstruction and shaping required. If an umbilical hernia is also present and requires repair, general anesthesia (fully asleep) is preferred to ensure maximal comfort and safety.

The incisions are placed discretely inside the belly button in order to minimize long-term visibility.


Patients are discharged home the same day and generally experience very minimal discomfort, often returning to work in the days following surgery. I ask my patients to avoid strenuous exercise or heavy labor for 6 weeks following the procedure in order to ensure optimal healing.


The results are intended to be long lasting provided a healthy and active lifestyle is maintained.


Most patients experience a temporary discomfort that requires very little to no narcotic pain medication. If an umbilical hernia is repaired, the discomfort may be increased slightly. Overall, this is not a painful procedure.

Yes, you will have a protective dressing over the surgical area that will remain in place until your first post-operative appointment. During this visit, I will change the dressing and give you further care instructions.

Full healing of the surgical site is required before I allow patients swim or soak in a tub. This is to protect the wound, which gradually gains strength over a 6 week period. Brief contact with water (i.e. in the shower) is allowed after I have evaluated you during your first post-operative appointment.

Exercise is restricted during the 4 weeks following surgery. This is intended to provide the wound ample time to appropriately strengthen before being subjected to the strain of exercise.

Umbilicoplasty patients are placed in an abdominal binder immediately following surgery and this is to be worn for 2 weeks. If additional procedures are performed concurrently (i.e. Lipocontouring), a compression garment is worn instead for 4-6 weeks to control swelling and mold the final contour.

Before & After

Stunning, natural results from patients.

umbilcoplasty before and after


umbilcoplasty before and after


Request a Consultation


Receive an in-depth consultation where we will thoroughly review your goals to personalize a plan focused on a natural and aesthetic result. Dr. Donald S. Mowlds, MD is located in beautiful Newport Beach, CA but is also available via a virtual consultation for out-of-town patients.

    Body Contouring

    All procedures are done in a balanced and natural esthetic.

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    Improve your belly button appearance by turning an “outie” into an “innie,” correcting unwanted piercing holes and eliminating creases that form when seated. Restore a natural aesthetic to the central abdomen.
    Reshape the labia minora (inner lips) using specially designed surgical techniques to achieve a natural appearance without sacrificing sensation or function.
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    All procedures are done in a balanced and natural esthetic.