chin augmentation

Chin Augmentation

Chin augmentation encompasses the following:

  • Surgical Chin Augmentation
  • Non-Surgical Chin Augmentation

The chin has a profound and often underappreciated effect on the aesthetic harmony of the face. The chin is the centerpiece of the lower face and as such conveys excess or deficiency in this area.

A surgical chin augmentation creates a lasting facial balance using a small silicone implant placed through a discrete incision beneath the chin. Non-surgical chin augmentation is performed using soft tissue fillers to temporarily add volume and structure to the jaw.

Chin Augmentation Procedure


The importance of the chin to the aesthetics of the lower face and overall facial balance is often understated. A deficient or recessed chin often makes the nose appear large and the neck seem poorly defined. Surgical and non-surgical chin augmentations balance the facial profile by adding structure to the jaw and appropriate proportion to the lower face. The neck contour is improved as the jaw is lengthened at the chin, offering a slimming effect that softens or eliminates the “double chin”.

What to Expect

All procedures are done in a balanced and natural esthetic.


The consultation focuses on creating a personalized treatment plan that addresses your goals and fulfills your expectations. With the knowledge that each individual is unique, non-surgical as well as surgical options will be discussed. You will see an example of the chin implant and we will discuss how this will be used to achieve an aesthetic balance in the lower third of your face. My goal is for you to have full confidence in your decision to make the change you have always imagined.


Surgery is performed at an accredited surgery center in Newport Beach, California. Under the care of a Board Certified Anesthesiologist, general anesthesia (fully asleep) is used to ensure maximal comfort and safety. The surgery lasts less than an hour; however it is often combined with a rhinoplasty procedure. The incision is placed discretely in the crease beneath the chin and is not visible during conversation.

Non-surgical contouring is performed in the office with topical anesthetic to ensure your complete comfort.


The procedure is well tolerated by patients. A chin support is worn for 3 days and swelling is generally mild. Jaw function and eating are not affected. Non-surgical chin augmentation has obvious advantages in that patients experience no downtime. There is minimal initial swelling that resolves over a period of 2-3 days.


The results are long lasting provided patients adhere to an active lifestyle and weight. Non-surgical chin augmentation results are not permanent and require fine-tuning approximately every 12 months.


The short answer is yes. When minimal contouring is required, filler is a great option to restore symmetry to the chin. For the purposes of augmentation, a large volume of filler can precipitate a downward distortion in the chin with time. This has the effect of elongating the chin and visually disrupting the lower facial balance. For a stable, predictable and long-lasting augmentation of the chin, an implant is a better option.

Botox® (or comparable neurotoxin) can be used in the chin to reduce the activity of the muscles in the chin to achieve a smoother contour. This must be performed by an experienced injector as displeasing changes in the smile and function of the lower lip can result from misplaced product.

Before & After

Stunning, natural results from patients.

Request a Consultation


Receive an in-depth consultation where we will thoroughly review your goals to personalize a plan focused on a natural and aesthetic result. Dr. Donald S. Mowlds, MD is located in beautiful Newport Beach, CA but is also available via a virtual consultation for out-of-town patients.

    Facial Procedures

    All procedures are done in a balanced and natural esthetic.

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    A surgical as well as non-surgical rhinoplasty “nose job” should be performed in harmony with the patient’s existing facial contours and ethnicity, creating the most natural result. We will devise a comprehensive plan that balances the objectives with your natural facial features in order to achieve a beautiful, long-lasting result.

    The chin is the centerpiece of the lower face and as such conveys excess or deficiency in this area. A chin augmentation utilizes a small silicone implant placed through a discrete incision to create a more balanced profile and structure to the jaw and lower face.

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    All procedures are done in a balanced and natural esthetic.