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Otoplasty & Ear Surgery

Ear surgery encompasses the following procedures:

  • Otoplasty (prominent ear correction)
  • Earlobe Repair

Ear surgery restores a natural and symmetric appearance to the ears. Abnormally shaped ears can be inherited at birth and cause distress throughout the adolescent years and beyond. There are a number of techniques that can be used to improve the overall shape and involve re-shaping the cartilage framework through incisions carefully disguised behind the ears. Patients young and old can benefit from these procedures. The downtime is minimal and the satisfaction rate is exceptionally high.

A gradual evolution in the contour and appearance of the pierced earlobe is unmistakable. Over time, the constant downward pull of earrings or persistent dilation by gauges stretches the lobe and distorts its shape. The piercing hole gradually elongates, eventually tearing through the bottom of the earlobe. The holes are removed and the skin is reshaped to achieve the ideal aesthetic contour.

The Otoplasty & Ear Procedure


Protruding ears and elongated earlobes are distracting features that detract from general facial harmony and aesthetic appeal. Understandably, patients are often hyperaware and insecure about the appearance of their ears. Through inconspicuous incisions hidden behind the ear, missing folds are created and protruding ears flattened. Torn earlobes or sagging, stretched earlobe skin can be repaired and/or reduced so that earrings can be worn. The goal of ear surgery is to restore a natural, symmetric and proportionate appearance to the ears.

What to Expect

All procedures are done in a balanced and natural esthetic.


The consultation focuses on creating a personalized treatment plan that addresses your goals and fulfills your expectations. We will thoroughly discuss the attributes that you dislike and the ways in which an aesthetic improvement can be achieved. You will leave with a clear understanding of the result we can achieve. My goal is for you to have full confidence in your decision to make the change you have always imagined.


Cartilage shaping can often be performed pain-free with mild sedation and local anesthetic at an accredited surgery center in Newport Beach, California under the care of a Board Certified Anesthesiologist. More extensive procedures will require general anesthesia (fully asleep), ensuring your absolute comfort. I will thoroughly discuss the risks and benefits of each during your consultation as we develop a comprehensive surgical plan.

Earlobe repair can be performed pain free under local anesthesia, if desired.

The incisions for prominent ear surgery are hidden in the groove behind the ear. Earlobe repair requires incisions on the earlobe. I use a special technique to ensure that there is no notching or peaking at the border of the earlobe, which is a visible clue that surgery has been performed and creates an un-natural result. The scars typically heal well and patients may re-pierce their ears in 6 weeks.


These procedures are well-tolerated and patients experience minimal post-operative discomfort. Unique dressings are used to protect the ears while they heal and patients are often able to return to work when they feel ready. I recommend avoiding sports or activities that place the ears at risk of trauma for a period of at least 6 weeks.


The correction achieved is nearly always visually pleasing and long lasting.


I ask that my patients wait until the scar achieves its final strength, which usually takes about 6 weeks, before re-piercing their ears.

Before & After

Stunning, natural results from patients.

Request a Consultation


Receive an in-depth consultation where we will thoroughly review your goals to personalize a plan focused on a natural and aesthetic result. Dr. Donald S. Mowlds, MD is located in beautiful Newport Beach, CA but is also available via a virtual consultation for out-of-town patients.

    Facial Procedures

    All procedures are done in a balanced and natural esthetic.

    A lower face and neck lift restores youthfulness through careful repositioning of your natural facial volume. Excess skin is removed in a balanced fashion to create a natural esthetic that avoids an overdone appearance.

    Liposculpture uses various liposuction techniques to address the excess fat tissue of the neck, jowls and chin to provide an enhanced contour. The targeted approach that liposuction affords is unparalleled and results in customized contouring of the neck and jaw. Mild skin laxity is also improved during the healing process following liposuction.

    A surgical as well as non-surgical rhinoplasty “nose job” should be performed in harmony with the patient’s existing facial contours and ethnicity, creating the most natural result. We will devise a comprehensive plan that balances the objectives with your natural facial features in order to achieve a beautiful, long-lasting result.

    The chin is the centerpiece of the lower face and as such conveys excess or deficiency in this area. A chin augmentation utilizes a small silicone implant placed through a discrete incision to create a more balanced profile and structure to the jaw and lower face.

    Excess skin and fat naturally accumulate in the eyelid as we age. Commonly referred to as bagginess, patients are uniformly displeased with the aged and fatigued look that this extra tissue conveys.

    Eyebrow lifts reposition the eyebrows to the ideal location, refreshing the upper eye region. Brow lift surgery is often combined with upper eyelid surgery, or blepharoplasty, to achieve a maximal rejuvenation in this area.

    Ear rejuvenation aims to restore a natural, symmetric and aesthetic appearance to the ears. Abnormally shaped ears can be inherited at birth and cause distress throughout the adolescent years and beyond.

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    All procedures are done in a balanced and natural esthetic.