The term “Mommy Makeover” refers to a comprehensive, customizable cosmetic surgery package designed to address the physical changes women may experience following pregnancy. This suite of procedures aims to restore or even enhance the appearance of various body parts affected during pregnancy and subsequent breastfeeding.

Common components of a Mommy Makeover include tummy tuck and the correction of rectus diastasis (muscle separation), breast lift, breast reduction, breast augmentation and liposuction contouring. These procedures can be mixed and matched to fit individual needs and goals, ensuring a personalized approach to achieving a desired post-pregnancy body shape.

During your consultation, we will focus on the aspects of your physique that bother you the most. This will help us determine the indicated procedures and develop a surgical plan that is customized to meet your goals.

Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty)

The tummy tuck, a key component of the Mommy Makeover, is designed to flatten the abdomen by removing excess fat and skin while repairing weakened or separated muscles. During pregnancy, the abdominal muscles are stretched by the developing baby leading to a separation centrally. Following delivery, there is often a persistent separation of these muscles, called a rectus diastasis, that can lead to a bulging belly and core weakness. Abdominal strengthening exercises can improve this to a certain degree; however, if this fails to achieve a flattened abdomen, surgery is required. Following the removal of excess skin and fat below the belly button, the weakened muscles are sewn together, resulting in a smoother and firmer abdominal profile. I also perform liposuction of the waist to further enhance the resulting contour. Many steps are taken to ensure that this is a tolerable procedure, and that discomfort is minimized. My patients typically return to light work in 10-14 days and an active lifestyle in 4-5 weeks.

Breast Lift (Mastopexy)

Pregnancy-related breast engorgement creates a heavy breast that leads to skin stretch. Over time, the breast deflates and the resulting skin laxity causes the breast to sit lower on the chest than it did prior to pregnancy. A breast lift addresses this breast sagging, also referred to as “ptosis.” The remaining breast tissue is preserved, or in some cases reduced, and lifted back to a higher position on the chest through the removal of skin. It is important to note that the loss of skin elasticity is not unique to pregnancy and can occur as a result of weight fluctuation or just with time as we age. Various techniques are used based on the degree of lift required, ensuring results that are both aesthetically pleasing and natural-looking. My personal approach involves not only removing excess skin, but also to reshape the breast tissue itself, which I believe is required to achieve a long-lasting result. No drains are used with this surgery and pain is minimal. My patients typically return to work in one week and to an active lifestyle in 3-4 weeks.

Breast Reduction

A breast reduction is similar to a breast lift in that excess skin is removed and the breast is lifted to a higher position on the chest. However, during a breast reduction, the breast tissue is reduced to achieve a smaller, more proportionate breast. By removing excess fat, glandular tissue, and skin, this procedure can relieve the physical and emotional burdens of disproportionately large breasts, resulting in a breast size that compliments your physique. During your consultation, we will discuss your ideal breast size and motivations for surgery. In this way I can devise a procedure that will achieve your goals. No drains are used with this surgery and pain is minimal. My patients typically return to work in one week and to an active lifestyle in 3-4 weeks.

Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation uses breast implants or fat transfer to increase breast size, improve symmetry or restore breast volume lost after pregnancy or weight reduction. Breast implants are especially useful for the creation or restoration of upper breast roundness, fullness, and cleavage. Implant augmentation is often combined with a breast lift to address both breast volume and breast sagging due to skin excess. Fat transfer can add softness to the upper and inner portions of the breast with or without the use of an implant. This fat is taken from areas of excess using liposuction techniques. It is purified and then inserted into the desired areas. No drains are used with this surgery and pain is minimal. My patients typically return to work in one week and to an active lifestyle in 3-4 weeks.

Liposuction Contouring

Liposuction contouring uses various liposuction techniques to sculpt the body by removing unwanted fat from specific areas, such as the abdomen, back, hips, thighs and upper buttocks, that are resistant to diet and exercise. This procedure can dramatically improve body contour and proportion, offering a more toned and defined appearance. Soreness following surgery is typical and a gradual return to an active lifestyle beginning at 3 weeks is suggested. Compression garments are used on the treated areas to limit swelling. Lymphatic massage is encouraged to help eliminate swelling and facilitate the healing process.


The journey through motherhood is beautiful and transformative, but it can also bring about changes to your body that you may wish to address. A Mommy Makeover offers a path to reclaiming your body confidence with procedures that are tailored to your unique needs and aesthetic goals. Whether you’re looking to enhance your breast shape, remove excess skin and fat or improve your waist contour, there’s a combination of procedures that can help you feel more like yourself again.

Considering a Mommy Makeover is a personal decision, requiring thoughtful consideration and a consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon who can provide insights tailored to your body and objectives. If you’re ready to explore how a Mommy Makeover can help you achieve your post-pregnancy body goals, schedule a consultation to learn more about your options and embark on your transformation journey.

Before & After

Full tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) with muscle tightening and liposuction

Breast Lift Before & After
Breast Lift Before & After