Revision Breast Surgery

Common procedures during revision breast surgery include;

  • Implant replacement / exchange.
  • Change implant or breast size.
  • Re-lift of breasts that have stretched.
  • Revision of nipple or areola size.

Many women require revisionary breast procedures and as such this is a large part of my practice. Breast implants are not lifetime devices, yet the United States Food and Drug Administration does not specifically require replacement. Existing studies, however, indicate that 20-40% of breast augmentation patients and 40-70% of breast reconstruction patients undergo reoperation during the first 8-10 years after the placement of their implants. Many of these procedures are performed for non-implant related indications (i.e. needing a breast lift) but nevertheless create an opportunity for implant replacement.

Simple replacement is often combined with techniques designed to reposition the implant in a more ideal position. Implant malposition is common, especially after time has allowed the skin and surrounding tissue to stretch under the influence of gravity. This often results in implants that are too low, displaced into the armpits or on the side of the chest resulting in a loss of cleavage.

Capsular contracture can be an unfortunate byproduct of the body’s response to the implant. This causes a firm and tight breast(s) that can become quite uncomfortable and even painful. Correction requires removing the scar tissue from around the implant along with replacement of the implant if the patient desires.

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Patient Breast Revision

Breast Revision
Breast Revision
Breast Revision

About The Revision Breast Procedure

All breast procedures are done in a balanced fashion to create a natural esthetic.

Breast Implants - Learn More

Silicone gel breast implants consist of a durable silicone shell filled with a pre-determined volume of silicone gel. The properties of the gel differ between companies as well as within their distinct implant product lines. This provides the surgeon and patient latitude in customizing the final result. In general, silicone gel implants provide a more natural look and feel when compared to saline breast implants. The newer generations of implants are filled with a more cohesive gel that behaves like a “gummy bear,” maintaining its shape and firmness.

Silicone implant ruptures are difficult to detect and often “silent,” meaning there are no telltale signs. If you think you may have an implant rupture, we should discuss options for investigation and treatment. Silicone implants are FDA approved for breast augmentation in women age 22 years and older or in patients of any age who are undergoing breast reconstruction. Silicone breast implants have been extensively researched and have an excellent safety profile.

Saline breast implants have a silicone shell that is filled with sterile salt (saline) solution in the operating room. Compared to silicone gel implants, saline breast implants are placed through a smaller incision since filling occurs after they are positioned in the breast. Saline is not compressible and as such these implants tend to maintain an augmented look.

Compared to silicone gel, saline implant rupture is easily detected through complete implant volume loss. Saline implants are FDA approved for breast augmentation in women 18 years and older and in women undergoing breast reconstruction at any age.

What Should I Expect?

During the in-depth consultation we will thoroughly review your goals and expectations. If your surgery was performed by another surgeon, please bring the operative report from any prior operations as well as the information on your current breast implants. This is extremely helpful in planning your successful implant exchange.

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Donald Mowlds, MD

Surgery is performed at an accredited surgery center in Newport Beach, California, USA and typically lasts 1-3 hours depending on the degree of shaping required to achieve your desired look. Under the care of a Board Certified Anesthesiologist, general anesthesia (fully asleep) is used to ensure maximal comfort and safety.

Use of the existing incisions is typically sufficient; however, may be modified depending on the extent of reshaping required.

Donald Mowlds Surgery

Patients are discharged home the same day and generally experience very minimal discomfort, often returning to light work within a week following surgery. Post-operatively, patients are advised to gradually resume their exercise regimen over a 4-week period in order to ensure proper healing. I ask that my patients wear a supportive bra without underwire for 6 weeks following surgery.

The results are intended to be long lasting provided a healthy lifestyle is maintained. Skin gradually loses its innate elasticity as we age, which unavoidably compromises the robustness of the result in time. As such, patients may desire additional revisionary procedures to re-elevate and tighten the breasts.

Donald Mowlds, MD

Donald S. Mowlds, MD, MBA

The risk of a recurrent capsular contracture is difficult to predict given the inciting factor for the first contracture is often hard to elucidate. Nevertheless, the best estimates in the literature point to a 20% risk of recurrence following revisionary surgery. Precise surgical technique that avoids bacterial contamination as well as post-operative administration of Leukotriene receptor antagonists are just a few of the strategies I use to further reduce the risk of recurrence.

I take implant choice very seriously as I believe that this is the key to a successful surgery. During your consultation we will spend time discussing your vision and how this can be achieved. I take several measurements of your breasts and chest during the consultation and we will discuss how these influence our implant choice. Finally, we will review pictures that are representative of the look you are trying to achieve. Using all of this information, we will decide on a range of implant shapes and sizes.

During your surgery, I have your pictures in the room and use them for reference as I try the different implant sizes we discussed until a match is determined. In this way, your wishes are my guide during surgery. Implant size and shape is a choice we make together. Some patients become fixated on achieving a specific bra cup size. I steer my patients away from this thinking because it is poorly standardized and has high inter-brand variability. A visual representation removes this ambiguity, allowing me to better understand what you want to achieve so that we can develop an accurate operative plan.

Typically, a couple of days off of work is sufficient. At three weeks you can begin light exercise., however I ask that you avoid any heaving lifting or stooping for 6 weeks. You may drive when you are no longer taking pain medication and you feel safe to do so.

During your consultation we will discuss your goals and expected result. The need for a lift is determined by your desired breast size, skin quality and the current position of your nipple with respect to your breast crease. For example, a breast with poor skin elasticity and a nipple that is below the crease typically require a lift at the same time as the augmentation.

Studies show that mammography is an effective means of screening for breast cancer in women who have breast implants. Special views are required so that the breast tissue can be completely imaged so it is important to make sure that your imaging center has experience with women who have breast implants.

The FDA recommends MRI screening for silicone implant integrity at 3 years and every other year thereafter. Studies show that the risk of silent rupture of silicone gel implants is approximately 15% at 12 years. This guideline is not meant to supersede the need for yearly mammography and breast examination as a part of formal breast cancer screening

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Other Breast Procedures

Breast augmentation utilizes silicone or saline implants to enhance both breast volume and shape.

A breast lift, or mastopexy, involves repositioning the breast tissue and nipple on the chest wall, restoring a youthful appearance and feel.

During breast reduction surgery, breast tissue and skin are removed, contouring the breast into a smaller more aesthetically pleasing shape.

Restoration of form and function is one of the tenants of plastic surgery and breast reconstruction, specifically, epitomizes this mantra.

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Popular patient requests include restoring volume loss from the face and aging around the eyes which through a midface lift, will reposition your existing facial soft tissue onto the cheekbones to restore vitality. A lower face and neck lift will impart youthfulness through careful repositioning of your skin and natural facial volume. Vertical bands, loose skin and fullness beneath the chin will also be addressed during a neck lift to reveal and highlight your underlying structure.

Breast surgery is a core component of my practice and one of my true passions. I have spent years researching breast cancer, reconstruction and aesthetics in order to offer my patients the most innovative products and surgical techniques.

Areas of excess fat that persist despite diet and exercise can be frustrating. The intrinsic blueprint for fat deposition and retention varies widely between individuals. Body contouring is more art than science that requires blending several procedures and techniques in order to achieve a dramatic and resilient result. Lax skin and excess fat are addressed and muscles are tightened, restoring a youthful and natural appearance to the body.

Skin health is a science that treats the skin components at a cellular level to achieve flawless complexion and texture. A customized skin-care regimen can aggressively treat pigmentation and textural abnormalities as well as optimize the skin to tolerate more aggressive procedures such as lasers and peels. This combined approach leads to an unprecedented lasting renewal of the skin.

Facial rejuvenation and enhancement can also be addressed non-surgically in the office setting using a wide variety of injectable products and non-invasive devices such as Botox®, fillers, laser, Renuva® and more.

Male aesthetics has become increasingly popular as men recognize the availability of procedures that can transform areas of the body left unchanged by diet and exercise. From subtle facial rejuvenation to body sculpting procedures, many surgical and non-surgical procedures can be tailored to the male physique.