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Breast surgery is a core component of my practice and one of my true passions. I have spent years researching breast cancer, reconstruction and aesthetics in order to offer my patients the most innovative products and surgical techniques.

Prior to surgery, it is important for me to completely understand your ideal breast. This includes your preferences regarding incision placement, breast volume, cleavage, nipple position and areola size. In this way, we can devise a surgical plan that will achieve your post-operative goals.

Breast Surgery

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Receive an in depth consultation where we will thoroughly review your goals to personalize a plan focused on a natural and aesthetic result. Patients are encouraged to bring photographs of several breast augmentation results that best represent their desired look. Dr. Donald S. Mowlds, MD is located in beautiful Newport Beach, CA but is also available via a virtual consultation for out-of-town patients.

Types of Breast Surgery, Procedures & Implants

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Silicone gel breast implants consist of a durable silicone shell filled with a pre-determined volume of silicone gel. The properties of the gel differ between companies as well as within their distinct implant product lines. This provides the surgeon and patient latitude in customizing the final result. In general, silicone gel implants provide a more natural look and feel when compared to saline breast implants. The newer generations of implants are filled with a more cohesive gel that behaves like a “gummy bear,” maintaining its shape and firmness.

Silicone implant ruptures are difficult to detect and often “silent,” meaning there are no telltale signs. If you think you may have an implant rupture, we should discuss options for investigation and treatment. Silicone implants are FDA approved for breast augmentation in women age 22 years and older or in patients of any age who are undergoing breast reconstruction. Silicone breast implants have been extensively researched and have an excellent safety profile.

Saline breast implants have a silicone shell that is filled with sterile salt (saline) solution in the operating room. Compared to silicone gel implants, saline breast implants are placed through a smaller incision since filling occurs after they are positioned in the breast. Saline is not compressible and as such these implants tend to maintain an augmented look.

Compared to silicone gel, saline implant rupture is easily detected through complete implant volume loss. Saline implants are FDA approved for breast augmentation in women 18 years and older and in women undergoing breast reconstruction at any age.

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Breast augmentation utilizes silicone or saline implants to enhance both breast volume and shape.

A breast lift, or mastopexy, involves repositioning the breast tissue and nipple on the chest wall, restoring a youthful appearance and feel.

Breast implants are not lifetime devices so many women require revisionary breast procedures and as such this is a large part of my practice.

During breast reduction surgery, breast tissue and skin are removed, contouring the breast into a smaller more aesthetically pleasing shape.

Restoration of form and function is one of the tenants of plastic surgery and breast reconstruction, specifically, epitomizes this mantra.

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It is important for me to understand each patient’s motivation to undergo plastic surgery and take the time to listen to his or her goals and objectives. I take pride in working to meet your expectations for improvement and blending them with your existing features, which I believe distinguishes me from other plastic surgeons. View all services and procedures.