COVID-19 Office Policy

With the current global COVID-19 pandemic, it is essential that we all do our part to avoid harming our family, friends and colleagues.

I am offering virtual consultations for surgical and non-surgical services, including skin care, as well as outpatient laceration repair and revision. Please read our new office policy below.

What we’re doing for our staff and the office environment.

  • The temperature of all office personnel is measured throughout the work day. Anyone demonstrating a fever is immediately sent home to quarantine.
  • All surfaces are are disinfected following each patient encounter and throughout the day.
  • All office personnel wear protective face masks throughout the day and maintain 6 feet distancing unless they are providing direct patient care.

How we protect patients and what we ask of you before your visit.

  • Face coverings which may include non-medical grade masks, homemade masks, scarves, bandanas or handkerchiefs are required in the office.
  • Patients must refrain from bringing family and friends to appointments unless you are under the age of 18.
  • If you are having a pre-operative appointment, please bring your own pen to the office for forms and signatures.
  • We have canceled all non-essential office appointments. This includes patients that are no longer in the acute phase of post-surgery recovery.
  • We are moving to virtual appointments through a HIPAA compliant telehealth platform. Please be patient as we work out a new office schedule.
  • We ask that patients who have any cold-like symptoms or patients that have recently traveled out of the country refrain from visiting our office.
  • Please do not take Tylenol within 24 hours before visiting our office.
  • Your temperature will be measured at the front desk. Patients exhibiting signs of a fever will be turned away and advised to quarantine.
Donald S Mowlds, MD, MBA

I take great pride in not only creating a receptive and collaborative environment, but also in the confidence that my patients place in me to create the beautiful result they desire.

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Monday – Friday: 8am – 5pm
Saturday & Sunday: Closed

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All procedures are done in a balanced and natural esthetic.